Rooms are needed for the 55 and over crowd, if you own a home or rental property and would like to rent rooms to 55 and older like minded individuals that enjoy a more peaceful, mature environment, consider finding a roommate with us!

Perfect for individuals on a fixed income but would rather remain in their home but just need some additional income to help with expenses. 

Transportation services can be arranged for roommates that need to run errands, go to doctors appointments ect. Trip fee's are based on distance traveled.

Give us call, we would love to hear from you.

If you need a room and prefer to be in a 55 and over environment, please give us a call. you will pay a fee of $199 for placement which also includeS a mandatory background check and application fee.


Easy to qualify, no need for a credit check.  Valid identification, proof of income can be a check stub or an award letter or any other documentation that supports your ability to pay for the room.  We require you to have income that is twice the amount of the room, in some situations family members assist with finances.

Most clients don't like living alone and would prefer to be around other people and "keep an eye" on each other.