Q- Is the $99 REFERRAL FEE refundable?

A- The REFERRAL FEE is NON- REFUNDABLE unless we are not able to locate a property for you to be placed within 60 days of payment, Not having the funds to move in at the time will not qualify you for a refund, all offers for rooms will be e-mailed to you and your response will be saved in your file. days, the same rules as above apply. Allow 30 days to process refunds.

Q- I have empty rooms to rent, how much is your fee?

A- Homeowner's and landlords pay $99 PER REFERRAL.


Q- What are your requirements to rent a room?

A-  Proof of ability to pay rent, Valid I.D., Must be able to pass a criminal background check, we DISQUALIFY ONLY VIOLENT FELONS within the past 7 years,  if that does not apply to you, we will not deny you.  Landlord/Homeowner/Property Manager make the final decision.


Q- Are you Real Estate Agents, 

A- No, we are a Roommate Placement Referral Service that matches homeowners/landlords with roommates.

Q- Are you Property Managers?  

A- No, we are a Roommate Placement Service that matches homeowners/landlords with roommates, we do NOT collect rent on behalf our homeowner's/landlords, you pay them directly as advised.

Q-How much are screening services?

A- $35 includes, nationwide background check, sex offender seach, and OFAC/Patriot Act Search. Screening is offered if you have a roommate you would like to sreen and was not referred by Journee Concierge.